About aggregated order info

In order to send Yotpo all relevant information regarding the order in one batch, you can use the Register purchase endpoint. This endpoint takes in the payloads of an order along with its product and fulfillment information.

We recommend using this endpoint for simple integrations. If you want to gain more control over the data synced to Yotpo, you should use our RESTful API.


The aggregated order info endpoint is available for Yotpo Reviews, Yotpo SMS & Email, and Yotpo Visual UGC.

Good to know

  • This endpoint works asynchronously. The status you receive in the response to the call will indicate the success or failure of adding the new order to the orders queue. To check if an order was registered successfully with Yotpo, please use the RESTful "Retrieve" endpoints.
  • This endpoint can be used to update information about an existing order. Note that any fields you implicitly provide new values for will be overwritten. However, for nested arrays of objects, if you provide a new object, this will be added alongside the original one. For example, if you call the "Register purchase" endpoint with a new "fulfillment" object (with a unique external ID), this will result in an order with two nested fulfillment objects.
  • To commit updates to existing entities, we recommend using the RESTful endpoints.

Aggregated order endpoints

Aggregated order properties

This endpoint contains the following entities: