About order fulfillments

Sync your store order fulfillments to Yotpo. Order fulfillments represent a group of one or more items in an order that are to be fulfilled from the same location. A fulfillment represents work that is completed as part of a fulfillment order and can include one or more items.


Order fulfillments endpoints are available for Yotpo Reviews and Yotpo SMS & Email.

Order fulfillment endpoints

Order fulfillment properties

Listed below are all of the available properties for order fulfillments. To see which properties are required per endpoint, refer to the endpoint pages below.

external_idstringThe merchant's unique ID for the fulfillment.
fulfillment_datedatetimeThe date the fulfillment was created.

Required for sending review requests.
statusstringThe status of the fulfillment.
Valid values:
- pending
- open
- success
- cancelled
- error
- failure

Required for sending review requests (must be set to "success").
yotpo_idintegerThe ID generated by Yotpo for the fulfillment. This field is read-only.
shipment_infoobjectThe shipping info object. See Shipment info below.
fulfilled_itemsarray of objectsInformation about the specific items fulfilled (i.e. product and quantity). Items within an order may be fulfilled separately. All fullfillment actions related to the order can be synced to Yotpo. This allows Yotpo to trigger messaging automations or product review requests at the right moment.

Providing a fulfillment with an external product ID that is not included in the order will result in a bad request.
created_atdatetimeThe time the fulfillment was first synced to Yotpo. This field is read-only.
updated_atdatetimeThe time the fulfillment was last updated in Yotpo. This field is read-only.

Shipment info

shipment_statusstringThe current shipment status of the fulfillment.
Valid values:
- label_printed
- label_purchased
- attempted_delivery
- ready_for_pickup
- confirmed
- in_transit
- out_for_delivery
- delivered
- failure
tracking_companystringThe name of the tracking company.
tracking_urlstringThe URL of the tracking page for the shipment.
tracking_numberstringThe tracking number as provided by the shipping company.

Fulfilled Items

external_product_idstringThe merchant's unique ID for the product.
quantityintegerThe quantity actually fulfilled.