How to use the Core API

The Core API offers 2 different approaches, depending on the setup of your store:

Simple set-up

If you have a standard set-up, we recommend you use our standard API endpoints.

A standard set-up usually means:

  • You're using only Reviews and/or Visual UGC.
  • You want the integration to fetch full order information (including purchased products, fulfillment information, and customer details) from your store database in one go.
  • You want to supply Yotpo order information enriched with product, customer, and/or fulfillment information.

By using this approach, you'll be able to sync all relevant order information to Yotpo with a single API call.

To get started, refer to the Send aggregated order info endpoint.

Advanced set-up

If you have a more complex catalog setup and want real-time sync capabilities, we recommend you use our more advanced solution.

This is the preferred approach if you need to do the following:

  • Get real-time info for SMS, including info on shipments, fulfillments, etc.
  • Sync orders as they are placed
  • Update fulfillment events as they happen
  • Keep catalog and shopper information in sync according to their update cadence

To get started, refer to the endpoints listed in the left pane.