About checkouts

Sync your store checkouts to Yotpo. This includes information about a user's cart as it transitions to a paid order, including which line items are included in the checkout, and a customer's shipping and payment details.


Checkouts endpoints are available for Yotpo SMS & Email.

Checkout endpoints

Checkout properties

Listed below are all of the available properties for checkouts. To see which properties are required per endpoint, refer to the endpoint pages below.

tokenstringA unique token for the checkout.
Max length: 255 characters
checkout_datedatetimeThe date of the checkout. Must be in ISO 8601 format.
landing_site_urlstringThe URL for the page where the buyer landed when they entered the shop.
Max length: 2048 characters
abandoned_checkout_urlstringThe URL for the last page where the buyer abandoned the checkout.
Max length: 2048 characters
customerobjectThe customer for this checkout. See customer checkout information description
billing_addressobjectThe billing address for this order. See address object description
shipping_addressobjectThe shipping address for this order. See address object description
currencystringThe shop's default currency at the time of checkout. Must be valid ISO code of 3 characters. See currency codes
line_itemsarray of objectsAn array of line item objects for this checkout. See line item object description
created_atdatetimeThe time the checkout was first synced to Yotpo. This field is read-only.
updated_atdatetimeThe time the checkout was last updated in Yotpo. This field is read-only.