Retrieve required quantitive values, such as how many messages were sent, or how much revenue was earned.

Suggested measures

The 'Measures' endpoint will provide a significant amount of data that may not be relevant to you. To make the process easier, you can choose relevant measures from the table below and use them directly in the Aggregations endpoint.

all_sentAll messages that were sent successfully (SMS and email)
all_deliveredAll messages that were delivered (SMS and email)
all_openTotal opens
all_unique_openUnique opens (only available for campaigns)
opened_delivered_rateTotal opens out of all delivered
unique_opened_delivered_rateUnique opens out of all delivered
all_clicksTotal clicks
all_unique_clicksUnique clicks (only available for campaigns)
click_through_rateUnique clicks out of all delivered
unique_click_through_rateUnique clicks out of all delivered
all_ordersAll attributed orders
all_revenueTotal revenue
all_unsubscribedTotal unsubscribe events
unsubscribe_rateTotal unsubscribe events out of all delivered
average_order_valueAverage order value