About product variants

Sync your product variants to Yotpo. Add variants to your products in order to represent one version of a product with several options, for example, size, or color. Each product will have a variant for every possible combination of its options.


Product variants endpoints are available for Yotpo Reviews and Yotpo Visual UGC.

Good to know

  • Some e-commerce platform use a different name for product variants. You might know them as simple products, configurable products, variable products, grouped products, or product options. Learn more about Adobe Commerce product types
  • You can add up to 20 options for each variant.

Product variant endpoints

Product variant properties

Listed below are all of the available properties for product variants. To see which properties are required per endpoint, refer to the endpoint pages below.

external_idstringThe merchant's unique ID for the product variant.
Max length: 255 characters
yotpo_idlongThe ID generated by Yotpo for the product variant. This field is read-only.
namestringThe name of the product variant.
Max length: 255 characters
descriptiontextThe description of the product variant.
urlstringThe URL of the product variant on your store website.
Max length: 2048 characters
is_valid_url_formatbooleanAn indication that the URL provided for the product variant is valid for PLA sync. This field is read-only.
image_urlstringThe URL of the product variant image.
Max length: 2048 characters
pricedoubleThe price of the product variant.
compare_at_pricedoubleThe original price of the product variant before any adjustments or sales
currencystringThe currency of the product variant. Must be valid ISO code of 3 characters. See currency codes
inventory_quantityintegerThe quantity of product variants available for sale.
is_discontinuedbooleanWhether the product variant has been discontinued. Product variants that are discontinued will be excluded from product recommendations and other customer-facing widgets. Also, automatic email requests will not be sent out for them. Learn more about adding products to your blocklist
skustringStock-Keeping Unit. Cannot contain spaces or the "/" symbol.
Max length: 255 characters
gtinsarray of objectsGlobal trade item numbers, often called barcodes. See GTIN object description
optionsarray of objectsAn array of objects relating to variant options.
Each option is specified using two fields.
- The name specifies the variant name, for example, color, size, or materials.
- The value fields holds the variant value, for example, for the color variant, the value could be blue.

"options": [
"name": "string",
"value": "string"
custom_propertiesobjectA key-value set of additional properties.
created_atdatetimeThe time the variant was first synced to Yotpo. This field is read-only.
updated_atdatetimeThe time the variant was last updated in Yotpo. This field is read-only.