Working with entity identifiers

Some of the entities you sync to Yotpo already have their own identifiers in your store’s backend.
Once created in Yotpo, these entities have two different types of ID:

  • external_id: This is the merchant's unique ID for an order, product, product variant, or collection. Once this ID has been created in Yotpo, it cannot be edited.
  • yotpo_id: This is the ID that Yotpo assigns to that same order, product, product variant, or collection when it is created in Yotpo.

You'll need your yotpo_id for performing actions on entities you created for Orders, Products, Product Variants, and Collections.

You can easily resolve your external_id to a yotpo_id by using the Retrieve endpoints for each entity. These endpoints take your external_id and respond with your requested data, along with the yotpo_id.

Example flow for creating and updating a product

  1. Create a new product in Yotpo using the [Create product] (ref:create-product) endpoint.

  2. In order to update this product, you'll need its Yotpo product ID. To get this ID, use the [Retrieve products] (ref:retrieve-products) endpoint with your external ID to resolve the Yotpo ID for this entity.

  3. Update the product using the [Update product] (ref:update-product) endpoint. The Yotpo_product_id in the URL is the yotpo_id parameter you received in the [Retrieve products] (ref:retrieve-products) endpoint.