About collections

Sync your product collections to Yotpo. A collection is a grouping of products that you can use to make your store easier to browse. For example, you might use collections to group items of a certain type such as footwear, seasonal items such as greetings cards, or items on sale.


Collections endpoints are available for Yotpo Reviews, Yotpo SMS & Email, and Yotpo Visual UGC.

Good to know

Some eCommerce platforms use a different name for product collections. Learn more about Adobe Commerce product types.

Collection endpoints

Collection properties

Listed below are all of the available properties for collections. To see which properties are required per endpoint, refer to the endpoint pages below.

external_idstringThe merchant's unique ID for the collection.
namestringThe name of the product collection.
yotpo_idlongThe ID generated by Yotpo for the collection. This field is read-only.
created_atdatetimeThe time the collection was first synced to Yotpo. This field is read-only.
updated_atdatetimeThe time the collection was last updated in Yotpo. This field is read-only.